Sue's Books

An Inside Look at Prison

Sue Hutchins is a retired clinical social working who has long been directly involved in supporting incarcerated persons and their families. She is currently Co-Chair of IJAN. She has compiled a series of books, four of which are collections of essays by people who are incarcerated (many for life), the family members of those incarcerated, and people who have provided services and support for them.

The essays provide a powerful and compelling look at the experience of those enmeshed in the system. “Lifers” talk about their efforts to educate and improve themselves, despite the fact that they will likely die in prison. Family members talk about the stress involved in having a loved one incarcerated. Another book reflects the  unique experiences of women in the system.

All of these books are available on Amazon. Proceeds go to cover the costs of publication, with any extra supporting the work of IJAN.

Bleak Walls Bright Minds

$3.00 Kindle | $10.00 Paperback

Bleak Walls Bleak Truths

$3.00 Kindle | $10.00 Paperback

Bleak Walls Broken Hearts

$4.99 Kindle | $10.00 Paperback

Bleak Walls Better Women

$4.00 Kindle | $10.00 Paperback

A Travelers Guide: Through Bleak Walls

$3.00 Kindle | $10.00 Paperback | $13.00 Hardcover

Writings from Inside The Bleak Walls of Prison

$9.99 Kindle | $23.94 Paperback | $31.36 Hardcover

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